Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Seen any patron saints for suffers of the common cold?

So I am sick with the cold. I have it pretty bad so I decided to search for a patron saint of people who suffer with the common cold. Below is the closest I have come to finding such a saint:

• Agathius - headache
• Agrippina of Mineo - bacterial diseases, and bacterial infections
• Apollonia - toothache
• Augustine of Hippo - sore eyes
• Bernardino of Siena - chest problems, lung problems,
• Blaise - ailments of the throat
• Crescentinus – headache
• Cyriacus - eye diseas
• Denise -against headaches
• Gemma Galgani - headaches,
• Gerard of Lunel - headaches
• Gereon -headaches,
• Gertrude of Nivelles -invoked against fever,
• Godelina -throat trouble[28]
• Gotthard of Hildesheim -invoked against fever
• Harvey -eye problems, eye disease
• Hugh of Cluny - fever
• Saint Medard - toothache
• Patroclus of Troyes- fever
• Pancras - cramp, headache,
• Teresa of Avila - headaches
• Theobald of Provins - invoked against fever; dry cough
• William Firmatus - against headache
• Saint Quentin - coughs, sneezes,
• Arthelais - illness

I need to seek out this person:
• Saint Paulina - Diabetics

What I find funny is the following :
• Balbina - scrofula – I never heard of this ailment before today
• Albinus of Angers - against pirate attack – OK! So everything is possible with God so I am not going to make fun of this guy… I might need him one day!
• Expeditus - invoked against procrastination – I think it’s so funny that the guy who is the Patron saint of Procrastination is Saint Expeditus.

Well. Failing a patron Saint I am going straight to the big daddy!

Dear God, please take this cold away from me and my family and bring us back to good health. Amen.


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  2. http://saints.sqpn.com/saint-maurus/ It says patron saint against cold...I don't know if they mean the virus or the weather :) Anyway, I was looking up the exact same thing and thought I'd share.

  3. Hi Rachel, Saint Maurus and Saint Sebaldus are saints against cold (weather). Still, Thanks for sharing.