Saturday, 13 August 2011

Archbishop Joe Harris Apostolic Succession

So Father Joe is the next Archbishop of Port of Spain. Someone was saying to me that Bishops (not priests) embody the fullness of Christ’s Priesthood. Below is a short linage Apostolic Succession from one Bishop to another.

Archbishop Joseph Everard Harris, C.S.Sp. Principal Consecrator will be Archbishop Edward Gilbert. The list below shows the Principal Consecrator of each Bishop in succession.

• Archbishop Edward Joseph Gilbert, C.SS.R. (
1994 Bishop of Roseau)
• Archbishop Kelvin Edward Felix (1981 Bishop of Castries)
• Archbishop Paul Fouad Naïm Tabet †
(1980- Titular Bishop of Sinna)
• Antoine Pierre Cardinal Khoraiche † (Bishop - 1950)
(1983 Cardinal)Patriarch of Antioch of the Maronites
• Patriarch Antonio Pietro Arida † (1908)
• Patriarch Elias Pierre Hoyek (Hoayek) † (1889)
• Patriarch Boulos Boutros Mass’ad (Massaad) † (1841)
• Patriarch Youssef Hobaish (Habaisci) † (1820)

The list goes on till we get to the original 12 Apostles. The five men at the bottom of the list were all Bishops appointed by the Holy See, and Patriachs of the Church of Antioch Maronite. The last guy also known as Joseph Peter Hobaish lived an interesting life at a crazy time in the Holy Land. He was highly estimated not only by his flock, but also by the Ottoman rulers.

It should be noted that Bishop Galt, now retired, is listed to be Bishop Joe Harris’s coConsecrator with Archbishop Gilbert and Bishop Gabriel Malzaire of Roseau. Bishop Galt was Consecrated by Archbishop Anthony Pantin, and his Apostolic Succession contains Pope Benedict the XV, Pope Clement XIII, Pope Benedict XIII and a multitude of Cardinals

The list of bishops could be referenced here.
and the list of Patriarchs of Antioch (Maronite) could be referenced here.

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