Sunday, 21 August 2011

Patriach of the West Indies

Have you ever heard that there was a Patriarch of the West Indies Catholic Church? Well there was. An According to Wikipedia:

King Ferdinand V of Castile asked Pope Leo X (1513-1521)to establish a patriarchate for the ecclesiastical government of the American territories discovered by the Spaniards.

The Holy See was not keen to accept the establishment of such an autonomous Spanish American church and, on 11 May 1524, Clement VII (cousin of Leo X) agreed to create it but only as honorific, without jurisdiction and without clergy. In addition, the Patriarch was banned from actually residing in the Americas.

The position is titular, that is to say that, it does not have a real office. Below is a list of holders of the position:

Antonio de Rojas (1524),
archbishop of Granada and bishop of Palencia
Esteban Gabriel Merino (1524–1530),
bishop of Jaén
Fernando Niño de Guevara (1530–1535),
archbishop of Granada
Pedro Moya de Contreras (1592),
archbishop of Mexico City and
President of the Council of the Indies, not installed
Juan Guzmán (1602–1605)
Juan Bautista Acevedo Muñoz (1606–1608)
Pedro Manso (1608–1609
Diego Guzmán de Haros (1616–1631)
Andrés Pacheco (1625–1626)
Antonio Manrique de Guzmán (1670)
Pedro Portocarrero y Guzmán (1691–1708)
Carlos Borja Centellas y Ponce de León (1708–1733
Álvaro Eugenio de Mendoza Caamaño y Sotomayor (1734–1761)
Tomás Iglesias Bárcones (1850–1874)
José Moreno y Mazón (1881–1885)
Ciriaco María Sancha Hervás (1898–1909)
Jaime Cardona Tur (1920–1923)
Julián de Diego García Alcolea (1923–1925)
Francisco Muñoz Izquierdo (1925–1930)
Ramón Pérez y Rodríguez (1930–1933)
Leopoldo Eijo y Garay (1946–1963)

The Position has been vacant since 1963.

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