Monday, 26 December 2011

Create Holy Doctors, Holy Lawyers, Holy Engineers.

Years ago I put a chain over my open palm and was told that I would have a daughter and a son. A decade later, after having my daughter and my Son I asked God to grant me another Son that my family name would be carried on and I would by His grace, have one who would become a priest. What a great thing, for one to have a child take Holy orders.

Another Decade Later, my wife and I have four children - A girl and three boys. I have no expectations for my children, other than to become good citizens and good people, what ever course they take. The local saying is that "we make our children, not their minds". It refers to children doing what they want in life, even after the parent has planned another direction for them. So I don't plan. They have ideas about what they want to do in life and I support and pray, as does my wife.

If all my children take Holy orders I would be disappointed not to have grand children, but I would be so proud of them. Archbishop Harris in a homily at the church of Saint Phillip and St James in Chaguanas on December 17th (and reported in the Catholic news of Christmas day) says that Catholics might just be about 19% of the local population based on the recent census. he urged parishioners to encourage young men to consider priesthood. “The priesthood is an endangered species but the Church cannot exist without priests. Pray that your son becomes a priest. Help him imagine himself as a priest.” Parents often encouraged their children to become lawyers, doctors, engineers or other professionals for the financial benefits, he added. “But we need to pray that they become holy doctors, holy lawyers or holy engineers,” so that they could give back to society.

I pray that too Father.


  1. All parents are used to praying for their eye stars. They ever believing that their eye stars will become holy doctors,lawyers, engineers. But we have never asked to our eye stars that what they want to becomes..

  2. To the Toronto Criminal Lawyer - I agree that many Parents force their ideas and own failures onto their children so that they (the children) can succeed in what they were unable to... or to follow in the family business (or careers).

    Still, there are other parents who realise that children will make their own paths "hence the Trini Saying " We make (bear) children, not their minds"

  3. Sean, I disagree with trini saying; every parent should take good care of their children and their future; i have seen many people forcing their idea to children mind for betterment of their future and many children really thanks their father and mother for their efforts. You should ask their dream and try to see the real talent in them many children are good mathematician try to mold an engineer mind in them by telling him inspiring stories, taking him to seminars or science fiction museums or any thing like that.
    If your are a middle man and son is interesting to become a movie star, a musician or any day dream that is only 10% acceptable; what will be the probability of the efforts . If the efforts got wasting his future will be destroyed. Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney