Monday, 12 December 2011

Jain, Jain, Jain....

Well, that's how the old Jefferson Starship song goes.

Zenit news in a december 9th article says that the Vatican is "noting satisfaction over the "mutual respect and friendship" between Christians and followers of the Jain religion."

Well in the grand scheme of things there aren't very many Jainist around: About 4.2 million. Well, size does not matter. Love does.

Apparently the Church (Vatican) has been in dialogue with the Jainists since 1985 and continue to dialogue.

A comunique from The Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue noted the items of agreement and principles for working together.

The delegations discussed the Jain principle of "non-violence" (Ahimsa) and that of Christian "charity," "with an aim to find concrete areas of convergence as the basis of collaboration."

"They found some common elements that can motivate and sustain Jain-Catholic collaboration, recognizing the differences between the two principles," ...

"They also recognized that these elements, on a practical level, call upon the followers of both the traditions to promote mutual respect, truthfulness, honesty, freedom, peace, social harmony and to commit themselves to eliminate every form of violence against human beings, in particular injustice, poverty and exploitation of natural resources."

Well, So much for the Jefferson Starship... I gotta read up some more on these Jainists.

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