Friday, 2 December 2011

Eucharistic Miracle in Caribbean Island of Trinidad?

There is a report of a Eucharistic miralce in the Moruga area of our little Caribbean island of Trinidad. Well, there is blood on a wooden representation of the Eucharist. Why? I don't know. It reminds us Catholics in Trinidad of the weeping Virgin... or the statue of the Virgin Mary that wept blood at Corpus Christi Girls College in the Diego Martin Valley. While that occured more than a decade ago, it is not hard to forget once you have been exposed to it.

There is a Vatican approved Eucharistic Miracle from the Caribbean. It occured on the island of Martinique, in a little church in the village of Morne-Rouge. Many lives were spared that day, by the Grace of God.

While this miracle has not revealed itself to be in that league.... you never know what God has planned for us.

The miracle could also be linked to the spiritual attacks on the Moruga High School.

Anyhoo, here is the article as it appears on the Trinidad Guardian of Friday December 2nd 2011. The above photo is also taken from this article written by Radhica Sookraj. The image shows some drops of blood-like substance on the ground which supposedly fell from the wodden Eucharist:

Prayers filled the Rock River RC Primary School, Moruga, yesterday as scores of Roman Catholics flocked to the school compound to view what has been described as an “Eucharistic Miracle”. Teachers, students and villagers, who flocked to the school, fell on their knees in prayer after a red substance, resembling blood, began dripping from a wood carving of the Holy Eucharist. Within hours, a puddle of red liquid had formed at the base of the chalice. Minister in the Ministry of Education, Clifton de Couteau, and two Roman Catholic priests—Father Anthony Baskar and Father Karuna Kumar—arrived at the school within an hour. A picture of the Virgin Mary was set up on a desk with two lighted candles, while a wooden carving of Christ on the Cross was placed next to the “bleeding” Eucharist.

The red fluid was first observed around 10.45 am in the Standard Two classroom. Teacher Eric Lewis said his pupils was having religious education as their first lesson and instead of speaking about Advent (Christmas) he decided to speak about the Eucharist, which Roman Catholics believe to be the the body of Jesus Christ. He said: “I wanted to find out how much people knew about the Eucharist. I told my students the chalice represented a cup of the blood of Christ and the host represented the body of Christ. “I asked my pupils if they had ever seen it and one of them told me there was a wood carving of the Eucharist in my cupboard,” Lewis recalled. He said he took out the carving, hung it up in the classroom and then left to speak to the principal. After recess, he said, he returned to class and noticed something was different with the Eucharist.

“At first I thought somebody put paint on it and I got angry but when I climbed up and looked at it, I realised that something, looking like blood, was dripping down the sides. I touched it and smelt it and it smelt like blood,” Lewis said. Saying he was always like “Doubting Thomas,” the teacher took samples of the fluid to be tested. “I truly believe this is a sign for us in Moruga to have faith. Jesus is showing his power in this way,” Lewis said. He said even if nobody believed the fluid was blood, the incident had reaffirmed his belief in Christ. De Couteau said he arrived at the school immediately after hearing of the “blood-flowing chalice.”
He added: “This is not unusual because sometime ago, we also heard about the Hindu murtis drinking milk.

There is a young man who has taken samples so we shall know whether it is blood—human or animal.” Asked whether he believed the phenomenon is a sign of bad times, De Couteau said: “I don’t want to theorise. This is a strange phenomenon that people go all over the world to see.” Fr Baskar said he too was baffled. He said miracles often happened and the appearance of blood could be an indication that Jesus would come to purify and cleanse. Members of the Livingstone Prayer Group, including Bernadine Alphonso, Dianne Ayers and Yvonne Ragoo, knelt in prayer while pupils were taken in groups to witness the phenomenon. This is the second time a phenomenon has been witnessed at Moruga. In recent months there have been reports that students of the Moruga Secondary School were being affected by evil spirits which gave them super-strength and the ability to climb walls.

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