Saturday, 3 December 2011

Eric Lewis and the Eucharistic Miracle (???) in Trinidad

Who is Eric Lewis? This man who is in the middle of the Eucharistic Miracle in Trinidad. Well an article in the July 21st 2011 Newsday written by Laurel V Williams shines some light on him.

My Brother and his wife know him well. According to my sister in law, "he is the bigger miracle" he is a great guy and a good Catholic. He converted the house left to him by his grandfather to a retreat house. He built a shrine not too far from the house. Here is the Article:

ERIC LEWIS is a young man with many portfolios - primary school teacher, acolyte, painter and artist of restoration of statues, to name a few.

At 25, Lewis has managed to fulfill many of his dreams, one of which was to restore and paint 22 statues of various saints.

At his grandmother’s home, located next to his home in Gran Chemin, Moruga, it looks similar to that of a shrine due to the numerous religious objects.Lewis, in fact, is an acolyte at the St Vincent Ferrer Roman Catholic Church in Moruga where he attends worship nearly every Sunday.

Lewis said that in February he was given the task of painting and restoring several dilapidated statues of saints. The statues were being housed at the Our Lady of Montserrat RC Church in Tortuga.

It was while performing his task, Lewis discovered artifacts as well as newspaper clippings which dated back to as far as 1922. “I think that this may be the first time the statues are being restored. These are some of the oldest in the country. Many of these statues are made of metal and others of plastic,” Lewis said.

Devoting his time to ensure the statues look their best, Lewis on average spends most of his nights working on the statues. So serious is he with is work, he called in assistance from two friends - researchers and painters from the Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio, USA.As it happens Br.Sean,

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