Friday, 25 January 2013

Catholic Culture in Trinidad and Carnival

And so the Carnival season is here again. My childs Catholic High School run by the Spiritans is having a Carnival "jump up". Parents are invited to send money to make costumes.

Some may say it is our culture to join in the Carnival. I would agree. However, I say it is also our culture to be Catholic. To that end, we need to have as big, or bigger, an Easter celebration. Well, Easter is during the school break and just before the break there is end of term exams... and the excuses go on.  But who can I complain to. Even our church leaders get caught up in the carnival.

Meanwhile our church suffers from a shortage of priests and our "Catholic Schools" children suffer from a lack of  TRAINING in Catholic fiath and works.  You would think that we want our children to grow up to be good Catholics, upright citizens and honourable religious.

It is interesting to note that the "pentecostals" and their like, label Carnival as bad and do not propogate it. It is interesting to note that pentecostal churches and tents keep poping up everywhere. (They are growing)

It is interesting to note that islam condemns Carnival and more and more we see muslims in religious garb walking our streets in areas that we would not normally see them.(they are growing in their faith)

It is interesting to note that the Hindu faith in Trinidad has grown because it has been strengthened by the two umbrella organisations using radio. It is interesting to note that both groups condemn the behaviour that Carnival brings about and suggests their members to not take part.... (many hindu's are rediscovering their faith)

It is interesting to note that  Catholics membership in Trinidad is in danger of shrinking. We have 60,000 active members (who go to church weekly), but who are we?  Our schools are being hijacked,  our faith is being hijacked, or very (Catholic) Culture is being highjacked..... and we sit by and let people say for us...  "CARNIVAL IS OUR CULTURE".

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