Sunday, 2 May 2010

Memorial plaques at the Cathedral - Port of Spain

On the Walls of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Port of Spain, there are some very interesting plaques besides the two noted in a previous post.

This image is of three:
1.Copper plaque of the last supper.
2.A commemorative copper plaque of Pope John Paul II
3.A stone memorial of the Pontificate of John Paul II

Memorial Plaque to Sir James Woodford. Former Governor of Trinidad.
The plaque is in English an reads: “ To the Memory of Sir Ralph James Woodford Baronet. For fifteen years governor and founder of this church. Who was born on the 21st July 1794 and died on the 16th May 1828. The inhabitants of Trinidad deeply sensible of the substantial benefits which his long administration of the government conferred upon the colony and of the irreparable loss which they sustained by his death have caused this monument ot be erected as a lasting memorial of his many public and private virtues and of their respect and gratitude.”

Memorial Plaque to William Le Goff
I am not sure who this plaque is for. The wording is in Latin and it appears to be In Memory of father Le Goff – Cure of Port of Spain, “a hard working priest” who died on January 5th 1855. It may be that of William Le Goff, a former Vicar General.

Memorial of past Ordinaries
This is a plaque in memory of Past ordinaries of Port of Spain erected by the then Archbishop Vincent Spaccapietra. It is dedicated to three people and is in latin so I do not have a translation however below are some notations on the three people honoured:
James Buckley (6 Mar 1819 Appointed Vicar Apostolic Trinidad - 26 Mar 1828 Died)
Daniel McDonnell (23 Dec 1828 Appointed Vicar Apostolic Trinidad - 26 Oct 1844 Died)
Richard Patrick Smith ( 1844 Appointed vicar Apostolic Trinidad, 1850 Appointed Archbishop of the newly erected Archdiocese - 1852 Died)

Memorial Plaque to Patrick Vincent Flood OP
This is a beautiful plaque for Archbishop Flood. Archbishop Flood was Born on September 16th 1844 in Lagan Ireland. On July 7th 1887 he was appointed Coadjutor Bishop of Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. On March 8th 1889 he succeeded Joachim-Hyacinthe Gonin as the Archbishop of Port of Spain. He died on May 17th 1907. His plaque is in Latin and so I am not able to translate.

Memorial to Father William Dominic O’Carroll OP

Another Beautiful Memorial. This Plaque celebrates the life of Father O'Carroll. Here is some information on the Priest:
1871 - AppointedCoadjutor Archbishop of Port of Spain, Trinidad.
1871 - AppointedTitular Archbishop of Alabanda
1880 – Died Coadjutor Archbishop of Port of Spain


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