Sunday, 16 May 2010

Shame Shame Dr Selwyn Cudjoe

My Politics is that of the Catholic Church. I will not associate or disassociate myself with any political party, especially on this blog. It did not bother me that 40 years ago Makandal Daaga desecrated the Cathedral. It did not bother me that he did not apologize for the act. The fact that his political Party "NJAC" got a minuscule amount of votes meant that many people did not agree with his actions or saw his movement and what it stood for as a good thing. Still, I think it is a good thing that he should keep fighting for what he truly believes in, as I fight for what I believe in, once there is no propagation of hate please Mr Daaga. Unfortunately in the hustings of an election, there is mud slinging that reflects a poor side of our (any any other) society.

Following from Prime Minister Patrick Manning statement that Mr Daaga should apologize to the Catholics, and all Christians, Dr Selwyn Cudjoe responded by letter. I found issue with his response and so made my own post on the Trinidad and Tobago News Blog, and of course copied it here.

Maybe Dr Cudjoe's politics is not that of the PNM's. I am Ok with that, since I neither hate nor love Patrick Manning. Dr Cudjoe's letter seems to give little consideration to black Catholics who then would have thought the action of desecrating the Cathedral as a bad thing.

So, is Dr Cudjoe saying then, that every person who had an enslaved ancestor in Trinidad or anywhere in the world should go into any catholic church and desecrate it. NO! that should not happen DR Cudjoe.

What about the North & East African Muslims who themselves had slaves? Should the Christians (Catholic, Ethiopian Orthodox, etc), defecate in their holy places? NO!

Is it right then that every person who feels they have been wronged should take the law into their own hands? NO! DR Cudjoe.

Come on Dr Cudjoe, Say it was wrong. Do not defend someone who
is wrong. Do not encourage the politics of Hate.

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