Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Stay at home mom and her life of leisure ???

"Honor your father and your mother,so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you. Ex 20:12

There are few things more traditional than honouring your mother. In fact the idea is so important that God gave it to Moses as one of the ten commandments. He definitely meant for it to take place every day of our lives, but we celebrate it on the second Sunday in May.

Did you know that Mothers day is one of the busiest shopping days here in Trinidad - after Christmas and Valentines day.

Here is an article that I have placed in the Cathedral newsletter for the past three years. I think it captures the idea of the stay at home mom. NOT A LIFE OF LEISURE.


In this election time, are you considering how the political parties are approaching issues that are in support of Catholic values? What about how they view family life? Some years ago a census lady came by. When she asked if my wife was employed or unemployed I responded that she was a stay at home mom. There was no place in the census form for that. As far as the government was concerned she was unemployed.

My wife may be unemployed, but even if she was paid, I don’t think I could do her job. Victory in effort is through temporary success. Everyday the dust returns, the children fight, clothes are dirtied, dishes need washing, and food has to be cooked. Everyday is an effort to get all the children to eat all of the same food at the same time, because no matter how that chicken is prepared, somebody is going to say in disgust “gyeead! I don’t want that.” She can’t quit the job and go home. She is there already, and as she often says, “You can’t fire me. Slaves have to be sold.”

It is not an easy choice. We do not have the finance or lifestyle of our friends, however, we feel it is important for family life. Still, the choice has it’s joys. Nursing the newborn and singing gently to it. Watching it grow; sit up; walk; coo; talk. Building and shaping a little person; a little mind. Spending the most amount of time with the child that grew in your tummy when he or she comes out, before they must be sent off to school. Few working mothers, if they had the choice would not choose to stay home with their children.

Eternal father Bless all mothers today.

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