Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Catholic population in Trinidad. - not doing too good.

In 1950 the archdiocese of Port of Spain had 280,000 Catholics in 63 parishes out of a population of 750,000 people. In that year 37% of the population were Catholic.

In 1990 (forty years later) there were 400,000 Catholics in 61 parishes out of a population of 1,235,400. The percentage of Catholics that year were 32%.

It is significant to note that while the population grew, and the number of Catholics grew also, the numbers were not proportionate. 1990 was a peak for the number of Catholics in the Archdiocese.

In 2010 we have a similar situation with the number of Catholics being 26% of the Population. However the population grew and the number of Catholics Shrunk. In 2010 there were 340,000 Catholics in a population of 1,310,000.

In those 60 years there has not been much movement in the number of priests. In 1950 there were 110. In 2010 there were 106. There was a peak in 1968 when the number of priest went up to 136. It fell gradually to a low point of 90 in 1999, but made comeback peaking at 121 in 2004.

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