Thursday, 15 September 2011

Theocrat, Dominionist, Christianist, and other fun words

“Theocrat,” and related words like “Dominionist” and “Christianist,” are the latest in a series of epithets directed at Christians who insist that their faith is not merely a private matter. Suggesting Christians want to impose biblical law on civil society is an attempt to make a comparison between us and people like the Mullahs in Iran and the Taliban in Afghanistan.
- Chuck Colson - "Are you a theocrat? Secular scare tactics" (Sep 14,2011)

If I cannot promote my faith, then the health gurus should not be allowed to toute their exercise programmes, politicians should not promote themselves, their party and their views. Atheists should not have a say against religion, and other faiths should not be allowed to say anything.. even if they put out a paid ad.

The freedom of speech would be compromised. Thank God I can still discuss my faith publicly.

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