Thursday, 21 January 2010

Carnival: Trinidad, Bolivia, Haiti

Living in Trinidad and Tobago it is easy to believe that other than New Orleans and Brazil the world has no other pre-lenten Carnival than that of Trinidad/Tobago Carnival. The truth is that there are many Carnivals. Including one in Bolivia (see Image).

I also found out that Haiti has a Carnival too. With all the devestation that occured in that country, I wonder if they will still try to have a carnival... to undwind and forget, or if they would still be in mourning. I know that if such devestation was to occur in Trinidad, Trinidadians would not be stopped. Slowed maybe... but not stopped. There would still be a carnival. Never mind receiving proper electricity or water, the authorities would ensure that there are clear streets for the event.

Yesterday I was looking at a website that shows earthquakes that occur throughout the world, updated hourly. I was suprised to see that between Haiti and it's two neighbours, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic there were about 60 recorded earth movements for the period January 13th to January 20th: one week. Wow!... and I am sure that as the week continues there would be more.

Now getting back to the Carnival... I recently discovered that there are carnivals all over the world, including Bolivia. Interestingly the Archbishop of Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), Cardinal Julio Terrazas Sandoval, asked the faithful of Bolivia to support the people of Haiti and show solidarity with the people of the earthquake ravaged land. He went on to say that the dignity of the Haitians are in the hands of all the peoples of the world. Then he requested Bolivians to TONE DOWN THEIR CARNIVAL.

Here is an extract from the Catholic News Agency:

The cardinal also stated that these events should be marked by a “spirit of sobriety.”

“We cannot be content giving only what is left over, the cardinal said at Mass last Sunday. “The situation in Haiti is urgent right now” and as Catholics and believers we are called to a greater level of sharing and giving.

“Hope must take precedent amidst the destruction,” Cardinal Terrazas said, warning that while there may be earthquakes that take the lives of many people, hope will always spring forth. He explained that “hope” is “full of love” and trusts “that this will not go on forever.”

Praise God for Hope!

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