Friday, 29 January 2010

The Movie Man

I am not a movie man. I would much prefer to do something else. However, My wife loves a good movie, and so some years ago I agreed to sit and watch a movie 2 to 3 times a week with her. Some times we come across a good movie that has us talking about it for days, but most times, the movies are not that great for me.

So we have a list of movies to see. Shelock Holmes is one of them. I am even more curious now that the unofficial Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano has given an opinion of it. Their claim is that the movie is amusing but disapointing and that although it had a "hundred surprises in every scene, the way the character of Sherlock Holmes was deconstructed to become a member of the underground was perplexing."

"According to L'Osservatore, the Director's (Guy Ritchie) characterization of Sherlock Holmes can be summarized as “(he) jumps, flees and fights."

Avatar hasn't been given the thumbs up by the newspaper either. That movie I hope to see this weekend. I hope it is good.


  1. Hi Sean,

    I am also from Cathedral and also starting up a blog.....swing by sometimes with an open mind ....

    As for Sehrlock Holmes I wanted to see the movie badly and I did but walked out after seeing so many occultic themes within it. Might not bother you but it did bother me. Right now I am thinking about Avatar and still deabting. Good luck!

  2. Hey there Catholic Empress looking foward to your blog