Saturday, 23 January 2010

Disappointed by the Editor

I sent another email to the editor of the Catholic News of the Archdiocese today. She did not publish my letter to the editor from my email of 13th January and my posting on this blog of 14th January. I am disapointed so I resent the letter.

My hope is that it was an oversight and the editor just forgot. But the devil is inciting me to think bad things like is the editor favouring people over journalistic integrity or Church Magesterium. Perhaps she is waiting for the priest to submit a reply so she can publish both his and my letters together, putting a damper on any other overly vocal individuals who may seek to expand the issue.

My heart says to trust that all men are good.... perhaps the priest was at the Freemason event to support the hosts wife, who may be a good catholic and who has been seeking his council through a terrible illness.

The truth I may never know, but an explaination to his presence is very important to ME.

In my younger days I danced with the idea of becomming a freemason. I saw nothing wrong with the Masonic rights that I was able to read about - And there is so much liturature on the topic. Some are taken directly form the old testament - Hiram of Tyre, Josiah etc.. Only when I found out about the Church's postition did I change my mind.

Even today there are Masons who tell me "ridiculous, if Catholics were not allowed to be Masons, we would not have Catholic Priests as members" ... I wonder... are those priests catholic? I do not know the position of the Anglican Church on the matter. But seeing that the Queen is head of all Societies including Freemasonic, and that she is also Head of the Anglican Church... I don't know of any reason why Anglican Priests should not belong to such a group.

Despite the above, there are masons who I have come into contact with who choose to attack and insult the church. Thank God that even among masons they are a minority.

So good father, I await the publishing of my letter and your response.

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