Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Street Preaching and Forgiving

It is not uncommon to walk through the streets of Port of Spain and see and hear the shouter baptists ringing their bells, singing and preaching. Our history shows that these people were persecuted for their faith and now are free to sing on every street corner. it is hard to imagine that anyone would try to stop someone from preaching... unless it is the USA.

Jesse Morell of Hartford, Connecticut was charged with "breach of the peace" and "public nuciance". He was preaching on the street with a microphone. The police informed him that he needed a permit to use the microphone so he preached without it. That was until a nearby business owner complained. Then when he refused to stop preaching, he was arrested.

Charges were eventually dropped, and so now it is he who is taking action. In typical US style, he is suing the City of Hartford Connecticut for breaching his civil rights.

Now Jesse! That is not very Christian of you. Turn the other cheeck man. Forgive!

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