Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Former Catholic

Not long ago I was chatting with a former catholic. He goes to an open bible church now. He started telling me about the books that were left out of the bible and the books that the Catholic church took out. "Wow!" I thought. It is sad to see how easy former catholic can spread falsehoods against the church. It is the fault of the church which is being changed in todays world. The truth is being spread, even as you read this blog.

You see, not long ago I had been educated into the truth concerning the putting together of the bible. I read up on the council of Carthage (397AD). He could not fool me.

Man! We put the Bible together in 397. We chose what books we were including. We did not include what we, inspired by the Holy Spirit, believed were heretical books.
The prostestants removed some books and included others that were not part of the original grouping.

My friend seemed to know alot, but does he act in the love of what he has read and learnt, or is his motivation to attack. He invited me to come and chat with him. What he really wanted to do was convince me that the Catholic Church was wrong. Perhaps one day I might indulge him and maybe educate him... even in the book " The Prayer of Manassas"

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