Sunday, 21 February 2010

Catholic Church keeps growing

According to the Catholic News Agency, The catholic church has grown. In the "pontifical yearbook" presented to the Pope the following is the state of the church at the end of 2009:

There are now 1.166 billion baptised Catrholics in the world.
This is an increase from 2008 to 2009 of 16 million.
That means that 17.4% of the world is Catholic.

The number of priests rose from 405178 in 2000 to 409166 in 2008.
47% of these priests are in Europe
30% are in North America
Interestingly clergy serving in Europe accounted for 51.5% of worldwide serving clergy in 2000.

Worldwide there was an increase in seminarians.
In 2007 there were 115919
In 2008 there were 117024
However there was a reduction in the European Schools while the Americans remained more or less the same.

So even if we closed down our seminary (and that may not be such a bad thing since the word is that they were not teaching theology in line with the Magisterium)the worldwide church offers hope, despite all the attacks on the people of God.

We shall win. Raise your standards my brothers and sisters.

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