Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Dominican Republic abolishes Abortion (and Death Penalty)

So! The Bachanal now start. The Dominican Republic (the neighbour of Haiti) has abolished Abortion. This by implementing a new constitution billed by their President, Leonel Fernandez as the "Constitution of the 21st Century". Article 37 of the constitution states, "The right to life is inviolable from conception to natural death. The death penalty shall not be established, decreed or applied in any case."

I can see many international groups speaking out against this move. Perhaps calling for some sort of measures against the small country. I truly doubt that this booming tourist destination would loose visitors or be affected in any way by them. But I am watching this with interest.

In Trinidad we are talking about constitutional reform. Abortion in Trinidad is illegal except in special cases and we haven't hanged for a while. Speaking of hanged... my brother in law (a writer) explained something that I thought was quite interesting: When refering to the act of Hanging someone the proper word in HANGED and when refer to clothes or other items, the term is HUNG. Live and Learn.

So good for you Dominican Republic, our Caribbean neighbour. Fly your country's flag high and your Morality flag higher. I support you!

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