Friday, 5 February 2010

Woe to you o Earth and Sea

Revelations 12:12 says "Woe to you O earth and Sea" and refers to the pain that we as Catholic will have to endure.However, it goes on "for the devil sends the beast with wrath" Now we have this diabolical creature to deal with. So we run to the Lord and we ask the Holy Spirit for help.

This same Holy spirit is not something to be thrifled with. Acts 5 vs 1-16 tells the story of Ananias and sapphera. The Holy Spirit kills them.

Now the question is, did the Holy spirit act through Peter or did Peter invoke the Holy Spirit to this action. My brother tells me of a priest that put a curse on a family. Perhaps like Jesus cursing the fig tree (Mark 11:20). The family took it seriously. Who wants to be on the wrong side of the Holy Spirit, and of a priest of the Holy Mother Church.I would take it seriously too. It ocurred due to the family criticizing the priest. He thought that he should not be criticized.

The Story ends well. The priest recants and blessed the family. Praise God for happy endings... but imagine having to flee from God... o truly... woe to that man!

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