Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The saga continues

On the 23rd of January in a post entitled "Dissapointed by the Editor" I lamented that the Editor of the Catholic News for the Archdiocese had not published my letter of concern. Instead she passed the letter on to the priest about whom I had concerns. The good father did reply to me... in great detail and I thank him for that. I trust it was written with love in his heart, even though a few of the statements make me wonder. For sure, it was written with passion, but I have to believe that the way he responded showed that he did not properly read what I had written. It is a common error. People read things and focus on what they believe is an attack on them. The letter advises that it was not for publication so I cannot publish it on the blog. Pity, it was well written. He is a good speaker, even if I still don't agree with his argument. There are holes father.

Father advised me that the Catholics and Freemasons in Trinidad had entered into dialogue some time ago. I asked him to advise me on the term "dialogue" and give terms of reference to this "dialogue". He also stated that sometimes the local Bishop has the right to interpret Cannon law. I had to point out to him that there was a note from Rome, specifying that NO BISHOP was allowed to interpet this particular canon law that did not allow Catholics to be freemasons.

I don't think he was trying to decieve me... you know, I truly think he wrote with love, it's just... sometimes I wonder.

There is another thing that I am wondering about. That is, if I will be spending money or time, or both on the Catholic news again. I am awaiting a response from an email that I sent to a man who is not only a loving priest, but a mentor and role model. I venture to call him friend. I await his guidance.

I spoke with my brother about my goings on. When we see wrong, we must point it out. When it is made public, there will be a debate and the truth will win. It always does, in the end. Praise God for that!

...and so my saga continues...

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