Thursday, 25 February 2010

God is a Trinidadian

Since the Earthquake in Haiti there has been much debate about natural disasters and Trinidads ability to withstand them. Ira Mathur, has produced a series of clips for the local TV news that talk about how unprepared we are. Personally I think she is an alarmist, but we are all entitled to our views.

In one of her clips, Ira says "and God may have other things to do than be a Trinidadian". Well Ira, I know that you adopted Trinidad as your homeland and that you were not born of these shores, so you maybe don't know.... but God is indeed a Trinidadian. Indeed, he is American, Kittician, Maltese, Indian etc. He is every nationality, and Ethnicity. (He's got the whole world in His hands)

But to bring it home, Chrsitopher Columbus give this island its name. He named it, supossedly for three hills, but he gave it a Holy Name. It is the land of the Blessed Trinity of the Christian faith: Father, Son & Holy Spirit. So yes, God is Trinity, God is Trinidad. And of course He resides in the heart of all who serve him. In Trinidad, there are many who serve Him.

So welcome Ira to this island. Welcome to Gods Land.

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  1. I think Ira Mathur has been vindicated by the earthquake in Chile. Do you STILL think she is an alarmist? Why is it that we Catholics who claim to be people of God become so unaccepting of people who were not born here? And why should you assume that this reporter doesnt believe in God or doesnt come from Gods land? We need to be more charitable in our thoughts and words.