Monday, 22 March 2010


Ok so the headlines of the Trinidad newspaper "Newsday" are misleading. The article says that the good priest Father Rochard said...

“There have been reports but they have not been substantiated...There have always been reports.”

"Well you know it is unfair to wrongly accuse somebody or to come to a conclusion without substance. And therefore it becomes embarrassing when people have been wrongly accused. One always has to be careful about that.”

"The Church would do its own investigation and deal with its own process. In other words, there are two different processes,”

Now after reading the article I don't think the front page headline is apropriate. haters of the Church would say "look at that priest... covering things up.... typical of the catholic church."

The article also mentioned that Father Hezekiah Father argued that psychologists have determined that being celebate and being a sexual offender has no corelation. But the thing I like best about the article is that the article points out the log in other peoples eyes. OPen your eyes people. Abuse takes place everywhere and must be adressed everywhere. I am speaking of the comment made by executive director of the Caribbean Centre of Human Rights, Diana Mahabir-Wyatt,who advised that "the problem of child sexual abuse was not limited to the Catholic church alone." (I am not sure why, but the writer chose to note that She is an anglican.)

With all the talk about Unisex government schools insead of Co-ed schools, in the same newspaper I read a letter from an older teacher at a coed school who says that the principal dealing with boys "interfering" with girls is just another day in co-ed school management. while this is not child sex abuse by an adult. The point is we need to stop abuse, every kind every where.

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