Thursday, 4 March 2010

Ira Mathur & God who IS Trinidadian

Wow! Some people can be so touchy. I returned to the blog world today to see a message from someone who took offence at my "God is a Trinidadian" post of February 25th. Since very few people read the comments of past posts I thought I would give the writer credit by posting his/her concern. Here it is:

I think Ira Mathur has been vindicated by the earthquake in Chile. Do you STILL think she is an alarmist? Why is it that we Catholics who claim to be people of God become so unaccepting of people who were not born here? And why should you assume that this reporter doesnt believe in God or doesnt come from Gods land? We need to be more charitable in our thoughts and words.

Dear anonymous writer,

I first wish to apologise for offending you. I get the impression that you think that I am attacking or insulting Ira Mathur. I am not, that is, unless you think that challenging her opinion is to insult or attack. It was also never my intention put down the fact that she was not born here. In fact I welcomed her to Trinidad. Perhaps you know many xenophobic people. I am not one.

It would seem that in your passion to defend a point, you completely misunderstood what was written. Let me say it again, and perhaps you could refer to the February 25th post for verification: God is a Trinidadian. He is also American or Indian, or Chinese.

I am very familiar with Ira's writings. At one time she was my favourite local writer (Sorry Basil). As I mentioned on the 25th of February, I think she is entitled to her opinion. You are entitled to have an opinion too. Having said that, I think that I am entitled to mine... and I still think she is an alarmist. Chile has always had huge earthquakes. That does not vindicate Ira.

There is a site that I often check that shows earthquakes from all over the world. At the time of this posting there were 25 earthquakes on the 4th of April (today).Check it out if you are adventurous:

However, stand firm, because Jesus loves you and does not want you to be afraid... and yuh done know! He is a Trini!

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