Thursday, 18 March 2010

Love Saint Joseph.... hate the fish

I do not like fish. We are not friends. Of course it is tradition that we eat fish for lent. At least on fridays... as a meat replacement. While there is no obligation to eat fish, I follow the tradition. ... Fish and all!

But praise God for Saint Joseph. Tomorrow is St Josephs Day... and acording to cannon law we may break the lenten fast. While my wife is longing for her chocolate, I am just happy not to eat fish.

Note to self... buy extra chocolate on the way home tomorrow!

Among other patronage, Saint Joseph is the Patron Saint of Families. St Joseph Pray for my family:

Saint Joseph, strengthen in our family
every bond of love which unites us --
the marriage bond,
the love of parent and child,
the bonds of mutual love between all.

Saint Joseph, protect our family
from every danger from without
and from every threat to peace, unity and harmony within.

Saint Joseph, teach us to be
kind and loving towards one another,
careful for one another,
tolerant of one another,
forgiving towards one another.

Saint Joseph, may contentment with our lot
and joy in each other
abound in our house,
as we seek faithfully to serve
and greatly to love God.

Saint Joseph, be you yourself
a father towards the family of ours,
and pray Mary
be a mother to us.


Happy Saint Josephs Day dear Friends.

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