Sunday, 7 March 2010

Talking to God!

I always feel uncomfortable just before the distribution of Communion at Mass. There I am kneeling, thanking God for the Oportunity to recieve His body, and suddenly I discover that I am repeating myself. I have said what I had to say. I meant it. Now I am just being repetitive. I mean, God knows the thoughts of my mind. He has heard me. Why do I have to rant and go on.

It is not that God doesn't answer my prayers. He does. And I pray the same way each time. I'm not saying that I have the full and final solution in prayers. I am just saying that I feel uncomfortable repeating myself.

Father, you know the thoughts in my mind. Hear my prayer and bless me. All praise and Glory and Honour to you forever and ever Amen.

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