Saturday, 27 March 2010

One Nation under ...uhm! .... who?

I read in this weeks news that a US Federal Judge upheld the words "under God" in the Amercian Pledge of Allegience and "In God we Trust" on their money.

Some one is so mifted at God that he chose to rough-up the US and make issue with things that the US hold as sacred.... no,not money and talk... patriotism and economic freedom.

In Trinidad we have a similar issue.... don't we? There are the muslims and Hindus who take have made changes to our country's highest award. It is no longer called the Trinity Cross.... but the Order of Trinidad. It is no longer a cross, it is a... well that don't know. I am not mad with them. Local History has not been good to them. It is time that they make a claim for themselves. Good Job.

Throughout the Caribbean, however, there is an effort to delete our history... to rewrite it. Statues are torn down... Buildings are torn down... Squares are renamed.

Columbus Lie! is a favourite comment. He did not discover the new world. Well, maybe he didn't but because of his historic voyages, you and I are part of the new world... and the freedom it offered from feudal systems and a hirachy that paid little mind to the small man. I say thank you Columbus for your voyages. What a brave and adventurous man he was.

I say good for you USA. You have retained "under God" in your pledge and "In God we Trust" on your money.

Keep on Rocking in the Free World...
with Jesus.. of Course!

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