Saturday, 20 March 2010

US Football team destroys Brazilian team

What a headline.... but no... it's not the world cup teams playing. According to the Catholic News Agency, a game was played last month between the Pontifical North American College of Rome's soccer team and a formitable brazilian team. It's all part of the Clericus Cup tournament.

according to Wikipedia: The Clericus Cup is an annual association football tournament contested by teams from the Roman Colleges, seminaries of the Catholic Church located in Rome. The tournament involves sixteen schools and fields players from 60 countries. The players are normally seminarians studying to be Roman Catholic priests. A handful of players are ordained priests. The annual tournament is organized by the Centro Sportivo Italiano (CSI). The league was founded in 2007, and it is now in its fourth season.

Officially, the goal of the league is to "reinvigorate the tradition of sport in the Christian community."

Unfortunately the official website is in italian.... and the only italian I know is my wifes grnadfather... God rest his soul.

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