Saturday, 10 April 2010

bring your poor ... if you have 'em.

At the last census we discovered that approximately 60,000 Catholics attend Mass regularly. This they say is about 17% of those who claim to be catholic. Which is about 26% of the population of this beautiful twin island republic.

Some time ago in Rosary Monastery I was fortunate to hear a homily by the nuncio. It was so interesting. He was talking about the reason for the church numbers being so low. He seemed to think that it was not because people were leaving the church, but because people just became indifferent: What does Church Mean? What has God done for me? I'll think about church when I get older and am closer to dying.

Indifference to God comes about because of distraction. There are so many things to do. Even maintaining friendships can be a job. How can I find time to be strengthened by the word.

Those with wants seek God. They make time for Him.

Education is an interesting thing. It is the cause for this indifference. We earn more money, we afford more distractions. Thanks for Education.

In my discussions with another priest this week he noted something similar. Former Archbishop Finbar Ryan said that we must educate the faithful. Now we have an educated people. These educated people look for life outside of Trinidad and Tobago. Those who are not distracted by their earnings have become greater givers. That is to say that while there are fewer people attending mass regularly, these who attend, give more. Some even tithe.

So while we do have poor. We have more middle class people attending the church - or maybe middle class in their thinking.

What a thing!

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