Thursday, 1 April 2010

It's Like Christmas but not

I feel a sense of happiness tonight. It like a feeling that you get when you've finished your shopping and cleaning for Christmas and you settle into a sound religious groove. Yes God! I am ready to welcome you. Accept me into your love. There is that feeling of Anticipation. It's happening soon.

Even on the Television. Not that it is a religiously acceptable show, but there was Jesus Christ Superstar on TV the other night. Tonight there are two versions of the life of Christ showing. There is also a marathon about another guy who had a virgin birth... Darth Vader. But I digress

Tomorrow my daughter and I will go to Farmers Supermarket... early. They open at 8am. I forgot to get eggs for Sunday Morning... and since she is into the Easter Bunny She is his newest helper. So after breakfast we will say the Stations of the Cross and then we are off to shopping.

I usually don't carry my family into that hot church on a Good Friday. We pray together and that is that. We do alot together. Isn't that what family is about? I came home today to a Sedar (passover) meal... or something like it. My daughter wanted to try making it with her mother. So we had stew Lamb (instead of roasted lamb bone), boiled eggs (instead of roasted), Charoset and pita bread. Bitter herbs are not an option when I am being fed. It was a good meal. To finish such a meal there should be four glasses of red wine. I think I'll have a scotch instead... or maybe a ponche-a-creme... you know... just like it's Christmas... only not!

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