Saturday, 3 April 2010

He is Risen!

So it is Easter. Lent is behind us. We took our ashes on Ash Wednesday and we moved through lent. Some of us made larger sacrifices than usual, while some of us gave up very little. My son gave up the X-Box game. That lasted one week. My wife gave up a series of things. The thing most frequently given up by ladies for lent is chocolate. She gave that up too. Typically men don’t. I didn’t… and I let her know that every time I had a piece, which I took great pains to eat in front of her.

Some time ago our family started a tradition on saying a decade of the Rosary every evening of lent after reading and discussing the days Gospel. At the end of every reading I would ask “And where do we see God’s love in this reading?” Sometimes it was very obvious and there were a multitude of answers and sometimes it was not so obvious to them. It is important as parents to bring our children up in the faith and let them know the truth of our faith that they may not be seduced by others who seek to discredit Catholics.

I don’t worry so much about my childrens prayer life. Sister Stephanie (their school principal) does a great job of ensuring that they are well rounded. Not just academically but also Spiritually. I always believe that the best school is a Catholic School. Did you know that the despite all that we hear about people leaving the church, that the Catholic church keeps growing. Look it up. Don’t take my word for it. Did you know that many of the Universities in Europe were founded by the church? Did you know that 25% of the worlds hospitals are run by the Catholic Church? We do a lot of charity. We pray a lot. And the World is a better place because of Holy Mother Church.

For lent many of us increased our prayer life: We went to weekday masses, confession, stations of the cross; we fasted and gave charity or did good works; or maybe we just made extra time for God. In this busy world, it is not easy to find time for anything.

But no matter what we must find time for Jesus this weekend. THIS IS EASTER MAN! This is what our faith is based on - Jesus Died and Rose from the dead. Every Sunday is a little Easter: a small celebration of this Sunday. His birth is incidental to His Death. While it is important (He could not die if he wasn’t born), Easter overshadows Christmas. Yet so many people focus on Christmas. I love the saying from the late Great Pope John Paul II –

“Do not abandon yourself to despair.”
“We are the Easter People and Hallelujah is our song”

So whether you are beating a Good Friday bobolee, avoiding a river/sea bath, eating plenty fish and provision, cracking an egg in the sun (remember that foolishness is not Christian), flying a kite or making up for your lent by eating plenty Easter Eggs and Peeps, remember your faith and sing joyously your Hallelujah for CHRIST IS RISEN!

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