Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Fatima Boys come answer to your call

My Alma Mater is in the news. Not in a positive way though. While I was a student at Fatima College all I wanted to do was leave. I didn't like it. Now, I remember fondly those school days.

The current Principal is also a Fatima "Ole Boy" and a Priest. Perhaps that is why he responded to the press in the way that he did when it was discovered that two boys recorded themselves having some sort of sex in the school toilet with their cell phones on April 13th.

He spoke well. However he could not comment too much since they were minors and the matter was being handled by the Ministry of Education. I for my part would like to denounce the act. The official word is that they were experimenting. Well maybe they were... but it needs to be denounced.

Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin. These boys are going to be rediculed and attacked by their peers. As a former ole boy I can tell you that the innocent pay for the guilty. Just being a student at Fatima College is reason enough for the ignorant to accuse you of being a "homo".

I am sorry for these boys. I am sorry for their parents. Still I wish someone from the church and the school would denounce the act. The former principal said soemthing, and I am still not sure it was a condemnation.

I am proud to be a Fatima Ole Boy! and just for the heck of it.. here's our school song:

Fatima Boys,
Come answer to the call,
From far and wide.
Shoulder to shoulder,
Ever marching on,
God be our guide.
Fearless and true,
Loyal to You.
O Alma Mater,
Firmly One.
Strive On Fatima Boys,
Strive On!


  1. This is really the first sensible post I've read on this matter. One incident does not make the entire student body homosexual. It is most unfortunate for these children and their parents, and like you whilst I condemn the sin I think we need to be more sensitive to the sinners. It's really amazing how we all go to church on Sundays and praise God, yet we are more than willing to cast the first stone. What if this happened to you or your family....what would you hope for?

  2. this is the fault of the principal of fatima college. Mr Gregory who calls himself father. the only person he is father of is homosexuals just like every other catholic ''priest'' in that Babylonian church