Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Vote to abandon the existing Cathedral

Today at Mass at the Cathedral, we the Parishioners voted to decide if we should renovate the building or build another Cathedral somewhere else. The truth is that the building needs to be renovated every 40 years or so. However it is part of the History of Trinidad and the Catholic Church in Trinidad. Below is the questionaire that we were asked to full out and on which we voted on today.

1. Vote yes or no to questions a to d

a.Restoring/ Renovating and Continue to use the Cathedral of the
Immaculate Conception, which is a Minor Bascilica as the
Cathedral of the Archdiocese in it’s present place.
b.Obtaining land in a more central place in the Archdiocese
which is separated from the business Section, eg in the
central Vicariate, with a view to building a Cathedral Complex.
ie a modern Cathedral, A catholic Administration center
with facilities for large Archdiocesan meetings
c.Building a modern cathedral in the Parking Lot near the present
Cathedral and using the present Cathedral for other Purposes.
d.For the Amount of Financing presently being discussed should
we build a modern Cathedral and use the Present Cathedral with
only the necessary repairs as a parish Church.

2.Do we understand that in choosing one of the options above
and due to the financing presently being projected
(30-40 million) this project must be approached in phases
and will take a number of years to complete?
3.Do you understand that the project will require that the
archdiocese raise approximately 3.5 million a year for about 10
years in addition to funding for the ordinary annual
expenditures of the Archdiocese , it’s Parishes and Ministries.
4.Do we believe that the Archdiocese could meet this challenge?
5.Does your Parish / Religious Community, public Association of
Christ’s faithful wish to add anything as an attachment to your
response? Of so, it must be identified and signed along with
the number of people who support it.
6.Do you think, that in addition to this consultation, a one day
session of the Synod exclusively on the Cathedral be necessary?

Almost all voted to renovate the Cathedral rather than build a new one.

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