Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Neal McDonough: Actor, Father, Husband, Catholic... Fired!

Here is a great story from Lifesite News. It is good to know that there are faithful catholics who are also actors and who try to live out their career with good morals... even if it costs them a Million Dollars.

Actor Neal McDonough Sacked for Refusing Sex Scene
By Kathleen Gilbert

HOLLYWOOD, California, April 6, 2010 ( - Sticking to his principles as a Christian and a family man, Hollywood actor Neal McDonough has been fired from a spot in a television series because he refuses to perform explicit sex scenes.

ABC sacked McDonough only three days into filming, according to an industry source cited on Hollywood columnist Nikki Finke's blog,, for declining to perform the scenes with co-star Virginia Madsen on the network's new series "Scoundrels." ABC officially said the decision was a simple casting change.

McDonough, a Catholic who is married with three young children, also refused to act out passionate scenes with actress Nicolette Sheridan when he played the role of her husband in season 5 of the popular ABC series "Desperate Housewives." He reportedly turned down similar scenes in NBC's "Boomtown" as well.

"It has cost him jobs, but the man is sticking to his principles," the source told, which also reported the role may have been worth as much as $1 million.

Reportedly, a source from the "Scoundrel's" wrote on Finke's blog that, "It wasn't just 'heated love scenes' - he wouldn't do any kissing whatsoever."

McDonough was replaced for the "Scoundrels" role by actor David James Elliott.

In addition to television series, McDonough has acted in several movies, including Band of Brothers, Star Trek: First Contact, Minority Report and The Hitcher.

Here is a short Biography of the guy from Wikipedia.

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